Research, creativity and innovation; close attention to the quality of products and offered service. Customer care, with the same attention as if each client should be  the only one. Great experience and international focus, maximum flexibility  in responding to the market  needs.

These ingredients feature, first of all,  the Farmet  New company  identity and mission. Company with an history which goes back to more than forty years ago and whose roots have been handed over by tradition, but at the same time with a particular inclination to meet the challenges of the future with innovative spirit.


Thanks to these qualities, Farmet New has developed a productive activity of its brands with resins  rotational technique with innovative solutions, thus offering decoration complements which are real design objects and sculptures of high artistic level.

Farmet New presents itself today as a strong company in its sector, with some uniqueness, due to the high quality, making it a fixed  point of reference.

By using first grade resins, developing a production process managed in an almost unique  professional way,  handling each product with care,  skill and attention to the smallest detail, taking the maximum care to the packaging and shipping, so delicate matter, Farmet New positions itself in the high quality group so as to  guarantee  to its customers and partners an absolute added value and propose itself as  an unquestioned opportunity in commercial growth.