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Our sculptures  are divided into 2 main lines: the famous  Castagna Collection , which takes its name from the homonymous sculptor, and our original  line Farmet New Unbreakable .

The sculptures of Castagna Collection  are made of resin with a special technique of our creation.

Each item is hand painted and finished, and this makes it unique, original and inimitable.

The items of the line Farmet New  Unbreakable  have instead the particularity  of an eternal duration  ! Their colors are resistant over time and the sculpture does not fear weather  adversity. Both lines are expression of high care and attention to detail.

Dogs and Cats

1. F194 lupetto

F/194 Wolf Cub

2. F128 setter

F/128 Setter

3. F195 west highland terrier sdraiato

F/195 Westie

4. F188 west highland terrier seduto

F/188 West Highland Terrier

5. F169N bassotto

F/169 Dachshund Black

6. F169M bassotto

F/169 Dachshund Brown

7. F230 bernese seduto piccolo

F/230 Bernese Sitting Down Small

8. F38 bulldog

F/38 Bulldog

9. F164 bobtail

F/164 Bobtail

10. F175 cocker nuovo

F/175 Cocker

11. F176 san bernardo

F/176 Saint Bernard

12. F355 bernese mountain

F/355 Bernese Mountain

13. F356 springer spaniel

F/356 Springer Spaniel

14. F196 bull terrier

F/196 Bull Terrier

15. F187 husky

F/187 Husky

16. F179 doberman

F/179 Doberman

17. F168B barboncino

F/168 Poodle Laying Down

18. F168N barboncino

F/168 Poodle Laying Down black

19. F189 rottweiler

F/189 Rottweiler

20. F353M bassottino

F/353 Little Dachshund

25. F178 yorkshire

F/178 Yorkshire

26. F354 yorkshire cucciolo

F/354 Yorkshire puppy

27. F60 san bernardo

F/60 Saint Bernard

28. F88 pastore tedesco

F/88 German Shepherd

21. F353PN bassottino

F/353 Little Dachshund

22. F233 dalmata seduto

F/233 Dalmatian

23. F232 carlino seduto

F/232 Pug Dog Sitting Down

24. F177 shitzu'

F/177 Shitzu'

29. F90 pechinese

F/90 Pekinese

30. F90M pechinese

F/90 Pekinese brown

31. F41M gatto sdraiato

F/41 Cat Laying Down

32. F163G gattone persiano

F/163 Persian Cat Big

33. F165M gatto persiano sdraiato

F/165 Persian Cat Laying Down

34. F231G gattino persiano seduto

F/231 Persian Kitten Sitting Down

35. F231M gattino persiano seduto

F/231 Persian Kitten Sitting Down brown

36. F42M gatto seduto

F/42 Cat Sitting

37. F228G gattino sdraiato

F/228 Kitten Laying Down

38. F227M gattino zampa su

F/227 Kitten With Paw Up

39. F160B gatto persiano

F/160 Persian Cat

40. F45 gatto persiano

F/45 Persian Kitten

41. F215 golden retriever grande

F/215 Golden Retriver

42. F186 san bernardo grande

F/186 Saint Bernard

43. F217M setter grande

F/217M Setter grande

44. F217 setter grande

F/217 Setter grande

45. F185 dalmata grande

F/185 Dalmata grande

46. F216 cocker grande

F/216 Cocker grande

47. F180 alano grande

F/180 Great Dane

48. F166 collie grande

F/166 Collie

49. F182 collie grande

F/182 Collie

50. F183 doberman grande

F/183 big Doberman

51. F218 german shepherd grande

F/218 big german shepherd

52. F213 terranova grande

F/213 Newfoundland Dog Big

53. F214 rottweiler grande

F/214 Rottweiler Big

54. F184 levriero afgano grande

F/184 Afghan Greyhound

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