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Our sculptures  are divided into 2 main lines: the famous  Castagna Collection , which takes its name from the homonymous sculptor, and our original  line Farmet New Unbreakable .

The sculptures of Castagna Collection  are made of resin with a special technique of our creation.

Each item is hand painted and finished, and this makes it unique, original and inimitable.

The items of the line Farmet New  Unbreakable  have instead the particularity  of an eternal duration  ! Their colors are resistant over time and the sculpture does not fear weather  adversity. Both lines are expression of high care and attention to detail.

garden animals

1. F396 tartaruga

F/396 Turtle Big

2. F352 rana

F/352 Frog

3. F136 anatra maschio

F/136 Duck Male

4. F134 anatra femmina

F/134 Duck Female

5. F351 chiocciola

F/351 Snail

6. F193 vaschetta con colomba

F/193 Bowl With Dove

7. F299 coniglietto

F/299 Coloured Bunny

8. F68M coniglio

F/68 Brown Rabbit

9. F68M-B-G coniglietti

F/68 Rabbits

10. F69 scoiattolo

F/69 Squirrel

11. F199 funghi

F/199 Mushrooms

12. F192 lumaca

F/192 Snail

13. F350 tartaruga

F/350 Turtle (Small)

14. F173 tartaruga grande

F/173 Turtle Big

15. F94 riccio

F/94 Hedgehog

16. F95 rana

F/95 Frog

17. F76 oca

F/76 Duck

18. F77 papero

F/77 Gosling

19. F252 anatroccolo

F/252 Duckling

20. F250 anatroccolo collo lungo

F/250 Duckling Long Neck

21. F292B anatra bianca

F/292 White Small Duck

22. F298 anatra gigante

F/298 Goose Big

23. F294 ochetta

F/294 White Small Goose

24. F256 ochetta

F/256 Little Goose

25. F93 pinguino

F/93 Penguin

28. F292F anatra femmina

F/292 F Coloured Small Duck female

29. F292M anatra maschio

F/292 M Coloured Small Duck male

31. F172 gallina

F/172 Hen

32. F167 - F172 F174 - F290 gruppo gallo gallina galletto

F/167 Cock New - F/172 Hen - F/174 Cock - F/290 Cockerel

33. F290 galletto

F/290 Cockerel Coloured

34. F174 gallo

F/174 Cock

35. F167 gallo

F/167 Cock New

36. F171 gallo

F/171 Cock

37. F291 uccellino

F/291 Little Birdie

38. F292Fluo anatrina fluo

F/292 FLUO P Duckling Fluo

39. F351Fluo chiocciola fluo

F/351 FLUO Snail Fluo

40. F256Fluo ochetta fluo

F/256 FLUO P Little Goose Fluo

41. F352Fluo rana fluo

F/352 FLUO Frog Fluo

42. F291Fluo uccellino fluo

F/291 FLUO - Little Birdie fluo

43. F299Fluo coniglietto fluo

F/299 FLUO P Bunny Fluo

44. F.315BR chiocciola, F.173BR tartaruga e F.95BR rana in bronzo

F/351-173-95 BR – Turtle, Snail, Frog bronze

45. F170BR pigna bronzo

F/170BR – pine cone bronze

46. F250 anatroccolo F254 anatra F256 ochetta bronzo

F/250 Duckling Long Neck, F/254 Duck Coloured, F/256 Little Goose bronze

47. F197 foglia F193 vaschetta con colomba bronzo

F/197 Leaf, F/193 Bowl With Dove bronze

46. F250 anatroccolo F254 anatra F256 ochetta bronzo

F/171-F/170 Cock, pine cone bronze

49. F150 cervo grande

F/150 Deer Big

50. F148 cervo

F/148 Deer

51. F190 leone

F/190 Lion

52. F114 pantera

F/114 Panther

53. F191 tigre

F/191 Tiger

54. F2014 talpa

F/2014 Mole

55. F2012 coniglio

F/2012 Rabbit

56. F295 zucca grande

F/295 Pumpkin Big

57. F2010 uccellino

F/2010 Little Birdie

58. F2008 uccello

F/2008 Bird

60. F2016 pesce

F/2016 Fish

61. F392 coniglietto portafiori

F/392 Bunny Flower Pot Stand

62. F394 uccellini portafiori

F/394 Birds Flower Pot Stand

63. F357 labrador con coperta

F/357 Labrador With Blanket

64. F358 cucciolo cocker

F/358 Cocker Puppy

65. F359 rottweiler con coperta

F/359 Rottweiler With Blanket

66. F380 terrier con cesto

F/380 Terrier With Basket

67. F381cocker con cesto

F/381 Cocker With Basket

68. F382 cane e gatto nel cesto

F/382 Dog & Cat In The Basket

69. F388 yorkshire fermaporta

F/388 Yorkshire Doorstop

70. F386 bassotto con scarpone

F/386 Dachshund With Boot

71. F384PN cocker portafiori

F/384 Cocker Flower Pot Stand

72. F385 labrador portafiori

F/385 Labrador Flower Pot Stand

73. F387 west highland terrier portafiori

F/387 West Highland Terrier Flower Pot Stand

74. F384M cocker portafiori

F/384 Cocker Flower Pot Stand

75. F383 setter portafiori

F/383 Setter Flower Pot Stand