For Farmet New quality means innovation, research, respect for the environment, product care in every detail.

We develop our models taking into account the final  use and then proposing products which answer in full to the end user’s demand.

This means using high-quality and high-grade resins,  perform thorough testing on each model regularly repeated  over time, monitor production processes, check every single item before it comes out of the warehouse.

Quality is also service and customer care. Thanks to the high level of  experience of our administrative and commercial staff, our partners are assured to find in Farmet New  a significant support to their activities.
Finally, for us of  Farmet New environment is not a constraint, but an opportunity for growth and innovation. We use recyclable materials, we develop the production in a  virtuous and sustainable way and  we optimize to the maximum the spaces in shipments.

It is from the need to respect the environment that our products are created durable, resistant, indestructible.


Only in this way  we can guarantee to  the market products which can meet the most strict standards of quality and resistance:

  • to high and low temperatures (from -80 C° to + 60° C);
  • to UV rays, which do not modify the color and beauty;
  • to every type of bad weather and storms;
  • to any bump.

products features

Icona_Shock Resistant